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About us

The car rental service with driver LAKE COMO-TRANSFERS is a private transport service that stands as the best solution for traveling, both for business reasons and for pure pleasure, without ever having to give up comfort, privacy, style and last but not least to security. Our NCC COMO service enjoys the same tax concessions as regards road traffic, placing itself, however, on an absolutely higher level. Our vehicles can, in fact, travel on the preferential lanes and all the limited traffic areas (ZTL), as well as circulate on days when the traffic is blocked.

24 hours a day, 365 days a year, the LAKE COMO-TRANSFERS service, at affordable and affordable prices, offers each customer the opportunity to avoid the endless queues and long waiting times, unfortunately essential when taking traditional public transport , making you live much more than a simple company but a real experience, unique in its form. LAKE COMO-TRANSFERS with elegance, courtesy and exceptional attention to detail, can be a valid opportunity both for tourists who want to visit the cities of art and places of cultural interest with extreme comfort, and for those who work in the business world urged to frequent movements and therefore wanting maximum peace of mind to better cope with the movements.